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Bill Gurley

Twitter is the most amazing networking and learning network ever built.

Failing alone makes you feel empty, useless, and unfulfilled.

You can't build a business alone. Throngalong is a web app that helps (future) business owners to build a massive network on Twitter. It will help reach out to cold prospects, build social proof and get referrals from trusted sources.

You deserve to be successful as a professional.

Just because you are not well connected should not stop you from succeeding. If you accept a helping hand with networking, you can excel at what you are really good at.

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You'd hate to have to abort your project without success. Channeling with your network gives you the confidence that you're taking the right steps towards your goals.

A way to make new friends without it taking over your life.

Hanging out on Twitter all day without a plan won't get you anywhere. With Throngalong you build a network systematically and effectively to save you time.

What you get

Throngalong does half the work for you.

While you work on your business, Throngalong works on identifying opportunities for growing your network.

Engagement opportunities

Throngalong helps you track and prioritize accounts for interaction. To have a successful account, you need to publish content regularly and interact with other active accounts. The more time you invest in this the better.

Content planning

Throngalong helps you to construct content that you can rely on to create engaging conversations. You can plan future messages and send them out the moment they are most interested in hearing what you have to say.

Empowerment chances

Throngalong reminds you of the accounts that support your mission so you can give them your attention, support and help them grow as well. Successful networking is a two-way street and mutually beneficial.